Is your company handling the Segregation of Duties through a manual process? Maybe this is fine when combined with experience and overview, but in most cases, it cannot go on this way. When doing it manually, the process is consuming time that could have been spent elsewhere. And not to mention money that could have been spent on more important subjects. I am not saying Segregation of Duties is not important – however, there is a way for it to be done automatically, which leaves your company time and money to invest in other areas for further business growth.

What is the solution?

The solution is a simple and easy to use application called SAP Access Control. It is a tool that provides an automated process of handling Segregation of Duties for your company. The solution ensures an uncomplicated access risk management process, thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business in the long run. It is designed with simplicity and transparency in mind for it to sustain your company proficiency and specific needs when running the SAP software on a day-to-day basis.

The SAP Access Control solution is without the need for major time- or economical investments and is easy and simple to implement and use. The access risk management system can handle a compound SAP landscape by improving and streamlining the software for your needs.

Why do I need it for my company?

In any serious company, it is crucial for the compliance management to run smoothly. There is no time for errors and reprocessing tasks that could have been done right in the first place. For more professionalism in your business, you must increase standards for reporting and controlling conflicts regarding Segregation of Duties. All companies must consider automated risk management, since the SAP software can be quite complex to use. The add on of the SAP Access Control will make your business run smoothly, ensuring important deadlines and projects, decreasing time-consuming risk management tasks and make efficiency the goal for your employees, without it having to be a dreadful task.

If in doubt, contact your SAP compliance supplier for more information regarding your specific needs and use of the SAP software. Thus, you will guarantee a first-rate compliance level at a low cost. The sooner you get started on implementing the new system, the better.


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